What the Hell is That??!!

There are benefits to being out of work. Well, one benefit: a little extra time. In the mornings I can spend a few extra minutes at the dog park, which makes Lucy happy, and when I come home I can sit in the garden and drink my coffee, surrounded by plants going all springlike. Then I go inside and do my obsessive/compulsive workhunt, which is getting a little odd because I think I have applied to all the available contracts out there.

Anyway, this morning I was out in the yard and (for some bizarre reason) I saw this going on in the groundcovering Zauschneria californica (or–depending on your perspective–Epilobium canum or California Fuchia):

It looks like a Crane Fly (or Mosquito Hawk or Daddy Long Legs or whatever–I’d put in links, but they are all the same) who turned itself up vertical and is moving dirt around with its butt. What the hell is that, anyway?  Does anyone know?

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