Phillips Loop-Post Rain

Finally, the rain let up enough for me and Lucy to take a walk in Redwood Regional Park. Today it was Phillips Loop, because I didn’t have the juice to do a heartier walk. Here’s a map of the park. I have traced Phillips Loop in Blue, in the upper right corner.

phillips loop

The easy walk.

It’s a fairly easy walk of about a mile and a half. Most people just walk up and back on East Ridge trail, but I like to take Lucy on the Loop so she can run off some of her energy before we meet up with East Ridge.  By the time we do, she’s a lot mellower than when we first started.

There’s something special about Redwood Regional after a storm. It’s very, well . .  wet. Yep, that’s the right word. Wet. Which is especially good these days. The ground needs the moisture. And that means the streams will be full, since they are the outlet for the hills as they drain their stored water.  Excellent.

Hustling up the Trail


And the mud up there is gooey and slippery, so you often have to watch your step. But I like going out after a storm. On days like today, it’s really quiet and the wind hardly blows. The air wasn’t clear yet. It had a bit of fog. There weren’t very many people, which was pretty nice.  And all the water didn’t stop Lucy from finding a flooded gopher hole and doing a thorough, head cocked inspection.

Where is the Gopher

Who dat?

I walk a mile and a half and Lucy runs for two and a half, inspecting every place where another dog or odd animal might have peed in the last week or so. And, of course, there’s always a treat stop, or two . . . or. . . okay, twenty.

Will pose for food.

Will pose for food.

Today, we ran into another dog named Lucy, who I will call Also Lucy.

Also Lucy Wants Food

Also Lucy. Those are her actual, non-Photoshopped eyes.

She’s a White Lab with black eyes that can take a little getting used to. They make her look a bit like an alien canine companion. And of course, she likes the dog treats I make.

The Two Lucys Want Food

Will pose for food, but not at the same time.

Also Lucy is the animal buddy of Wendy, who is spending part of her retirement pulling up Scotch Broom (or is it French Broom?). Anyway, she’s basically weeding the Oakland Hills. It’s part of a project to get rid of the unbelievably invasive, non-native plant.

After the hike, we drove in to Cole Coffee in Oakland proper. It’s a sort of ritual where I buy a coffee and peanut butter cookie and give Lucy half the cookie. While I go inside to do the deal, she “waits” outside, tense and excited. Strung up and happy.

Gimme the Cookie

Gimme the Cookie

It takes her about five seconds to eat her half then she watches me intently as I eat my half, of which, of course, I always give her part. She’s not spoiled or anything.

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