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Mistura – Follow Up

I just posted a new addition to the Rotisserie Chicken Showdown about Mistura, the Peruvian Rotisserie on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland.  I went there a couple weeks ago with my friend, Mark Fisher, and . . . WOWWIE! The rotisserie … Continue reading

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Tent and Shoes

At the end of September, I went camping. It was a perfect opportunity to see how much the new car can carry and to try out my new tent, the Eureka Copper Canyon 4. It has an 8’x8’ footprint, so there … Continue reading

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Like most people, my dad was a lot of things, for both the better and the worse: a great and loyal friend to his friends; a talented, creative person that, I think, could have learned anything he wanted to; but … Continue reading

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Amazing Blue Cheese

When I was a kid, I hated blue cheese. Of course, I only tasted it in Marie’s blue cheese salad dressing, probably not the best benchmark with which to make a decision, but we were not a culinarily sophisticated family, so … Continue reading

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Product Review–Asolo Mantra

Let me say right now, I get compliments on these shoes.  These are good looking shoes. And they have the benefit of actually looking like shoes and not off-road-vehicle tires. They come in these colors: brownish, blackish, clown-hair orange and … Continue reading

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