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And the Verdict is . . .

Ringworm! That’s right, ringworm. That big cysty looking lump over Lucy’s eye was ringworm (which is a very contagious fungal infection of the hair and/or hair follicles, not a worm at all). It had the vet stymied: she’d never seen ringworm present … Continue reading

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Post-op Lucy

I picked Lucy up about 5 this evening. The folks at Good Samaritan did a great job, once again. Thank you to all the great staff. In bed

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Lucy’s Infection

Last Sunday, Lucy developed this encysted infection over her right eye. It looks kind of like a pink marble or a third eye from a science fiction movie from the late 80s/early 90s.

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To Our Brazilian and Portuguese Readers

Please send us your recipes. I would love to learn how to cook your foods and Lucy would love to share them with me. And if you want to send pictures of where you live, I will post them.

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New Contact Form

I just added a new contact form, so you can now contact me and Lucy directly and privately.

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Godfather Pasta

I have a friend who is a film historian. He knows so much about movies and the people who made them that it is intimidating sometimes. A large number of years ago I was having dinner with him and his wife … Continue reading

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Is Honey Healthier Than Sugar?

There is a very interesting (and short) post on the Huffington Post today that provides some answers to this question. You will find it here.

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My Poor Chard

A little over a month ago I planted Rainbow Chard in my little urban farm, and the plant looks happy, except then it doesn’t. The new leaves come out and look fine and healthy, then as they grow out they brown … Continue reading

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For almost all of my life, in my small world, the least offensive word to use in place of excrement was poop. That’s right, poop. Oh sure, there are always plenty of alternatives, most of them crude (like crap or dump) or offensive (like … Continue reading

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Amazing Blue Cheese

When I was a kid, I hated blue cheese. Of course, I only tasted it in Marie’s blue cheese salad dressing, probably not the best benchmark with which to make a decision, but we were not a culinarily sophisticated family, so … Continue reading

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