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How to Know When Lucy is Tired

Sometimes it seems like Lucy never tires, but this is not true: she often runs on pure enthusiasm and joy even when she is completely exhausted. But there actually is a way to know when she is tired, and here … Continue reading

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Toilet Paper Advice

I long ago learned that unasked-for advice is seldom followed. But I am going to give you some anyway. Here it is: When you buy toilet paper, make sure the word Ultra is in the name somewhere. There. I said … Continue reading

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Product Review–Asolo Mantra

Let me say right now, I get compliments on these shoes.  These are good looking shoes. And they have the benefit of actually looking like shoes and not off-road-vehicle tires. They come in these colors: brownish, blackish, clown-hair orange and … Continue reading

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Age of Ignorance

Here is a great piece from the New York Review of Books, my favorite magazine, about ignorance in America.

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What the Hell is That??!!

There are benefits to being out of work. Well, one benefit: a little extra time. In the mornings I can spend a few extra minutes at the dog park, which makes Lucy happy, and when I come home I can sit … Continue reading

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