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Well . . . Nuts

The Ceanothus Concha in my front yard are in bloom again. See?:

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Unix 1999-2014

On Thursday, 20 March, I got the following email from Laurie Pitman: I am very sad to tell you that Unix left us this evening about 7:20. She had been very ill for a couple of days, at the end … Continue reading

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Grand Lake Farmers Market

I have only been to a few farmers markets.  Until now, not a big FM goer. I have passed by the Grand Lake Farmers Market, speeded by on the overpass on 580, glanced down at what looked like a circus … Continue reading

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French/Eucalyptus Trail Loop (Part 4)

Eucalyptus trail is effing steep, which is both the worst thing about it and the best thing about it. On the one hand it’s a ball buster, heading straight up the hillside. (If you have respiratory or cardiac issues, don’t … Continue reading

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French/Eucalyptus Trail Loop (Part 3)

Wow, the description of this loop has taken a lot longer than I thought it would, if I had had a thought about how long it would take. Okay, so, we left off at the intersection of Tres Sendas and … Continue reading

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Taking my Mom Across the Bridge (part 2)

I picked my mom up at 10:30, figuring that would give us plenty of time to do all the things she wanted to do and get back to Rossmoor on time for dinner.

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Point Isabel at Low Tide

Today Lucy and I met Michelle, Zen Baby and Maggie (Michelle’s dog) at Point Isabel, in Richmond.  This is the best dog park I know of. Twenty three acres of doggy bliss with two parking lots, the Sit and Stay Café and … Continue reading

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Photo Tips

By the way, I am currently using an iPod Touch (5th generation) to take photos. I would really appreciate any tips anyone wants to give on taking better photos with it.

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More Online Dating Primer

As you may extrapolate from a previous post, the rules of civil discourse generally prevail in online dating, as they do in just about every other part of the universe. But there is a sort of bell curve of communication … Continue reading

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French/Eucalyptus Trail Loop (Part 2)

Okay.  As I said before, this loop is my favorite after work hike. It’s beautiful, strenuous and, at the end, there are a lot of dogs and people that Lucy and me know. And by the time we get there, … Continue reading

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