Well . . .

A lot of things have happened this year and I am not exactly sure where to start telling you about them.

First off, Lucy and I are fine. She is still the same exuberant dog. Happy and joyful. Excited to be alive. I am busier than I have ever been with work.

And now for the most affecting events.

I bought a new car, a Golf Sportwagen. I never thought I would buy a new car, was sure I would only buy used cars. But this car is so popular that the resale value on a used one made buying a new one a better deal in my case.

Okay, as you know, at least as I posted here, I was really smitten earlier this year (actually, I remain smitten, but don’t tell anyone) and was looking forward to a great relationship with a woman I met on OKCupid. Well, that looks like it is short-lived. Not that we don’t dig each other, we do, but some obstacles cannot be surmounted. Anyway, I will keep you informed about it, though I am not optimistic at this point. I will say that, overall, she was very good for me. The difference in our perspectives made me think and grow in ways I was not expecting.

Finally, and most importantly, a dear friend of mine died earlier this year. He was 74 and had a lot of problems with his body. Beside being a great friend, he was a mentor to me. He understood a lot of things that I want to understand, about people and relationships and trust. And I trusted him more than anyone I have ever known. He had more personal integrity and honor than anyone I know. I learned as much about these things as I could.

I was very lucky to be able to see him in the hospital before he died and thank him. In response, he thanked me. I remember how present he was, despite being in great pain and under heavy drugs. It was obvious that he was mentally and spiritually intact despite it all. He was completely there. I hope when my time comes that I can be that conscious and intact. It’s possible, but I have a lot of work to do to get there.

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  1. Tracy Huddleson says:

    I’m so sorry for the two painful goodbyes you’ve recently experienced. Gotta say, you’re handling it with grace. I remember crying on my mom’s shoulder after a big painful breakup when I was younger, and she reminded me: “Don’t think of all the goodbyes you’re saying right now…think of all the hellos yet to come.” May sound cheesy but it was a comfort and absolutely true. It’s always true. New friends and loved ones are always still coming our way.

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