Tomatoes and Peppers

Last week I took some friends to a great endofseason tomato tasting at the Tomato Ladies’ new digs, in front of the old Oakland train station. (If you have not seen this building, get out there. It’s beautiful.) There were a lot of friendly people, more tomato varieties than I can keep in my head, wine, food. It was a great way to end the summer.

While I was walking around looking at their growing platforms, I noticed a number of Aji Lucento pepper plants. Which surprised me, because their fruit is so good (if you like heat), colorful and the plant itself is prolific, very happy here, and very graceful and aesthetic: it looks like a small, delicate tree, but full of pendulous peppers. I think that more people should know about this excellent hottie.

Well, as it turns out, on 17 September (next Wednesday) from 5 to 7 The Tomato Ladies are having a celebration of this great plant at the Oaktown Spice Shop, on Grand  Avenue in Oakland. There will be plants for sale and and hot sauce to taste, so you can see for yourself how great these peppers really are. If you like heat and flavor, you will like these peppers.

Here's a picture of the flyer.

Here’s a picture of the flyer.

And you will get to meet Helen and Peggy. It doesn’t get better than that.

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  1. Thanks Dave

    Always wonderful to see you and hear about your garden! Hope you will hang with us and our pepper plants on the 17th at Oaktown Spice Shop. It is one of our fave places in this town.

    Happy harvesting, Helen + Peggy

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