Obamacare So Far

Okay, I am really upset with Obamacare. Before you go any further, don’t misunderstand. I am all for socialized medicine. In fact, I am totally in favor of calling it socialized medicine. I don’t see the point in calling it Single Payer, or Universal Coverage. Or whatever. Call it what it is. I also think we should socialize education and law, but those are other issues. (By the way, I am completely convinced about education, but a little squishy about law.)

Anyway, before Obamacare, my health insurance cost me $386 a month and I was able to see Dr. Good at North Oakland Family Practice, the best doctor I have ever met. Then Obamacare. Aetna, my insurance carrier, stopped insuring people like me in the entire state. So I got Anthem Blue Cross (everybody’s pal, that’s sarcasm), and my rates went up to $492 and later were increased to $542. Then Stanford Healthcare bought North Oakland Family Practice and did not support individual plans from Anthem Blue Cross. So now I have a Blue Shield individual EPO. Actually, my rate went down to $526 a month. So that’s okay. But now Blue Shield isn’t going to offer my EPO anymore. Instead, I can have the  PPO for the lowlow price of $598 a month. And, I may not be able to get my doctor. There seems to be some kind of disagreement between Blue Shield and Stanford Healthcare. So, I don’t know where that is going to go.

Personally, I think we should disconnect the financial industry from the healthcare industry altogether. They are antithetical. One is totally money/profit-driven and the other is, at its core, humanitarian. One serves mankind and the other serves money. And if I have learned one thing since the financial crisis, for the most part, the financial industry cannot be trusted with money.

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