There’s a perfectly good New Years resolution shot to hell. Before it ever could stand up or take its first jerking wheezy breath. I had promised myself that I would show more discipline and stamina in my blogginess. Show more resolve. But no. Here it is the third of February and I am finally writing something. Taking a break from work to clean my writerly palette. What can I say, except: mea culpa. mea culpa. mea culpa. Sorry little baby resolution.

In my defense, I will say that business is pretty damned good: I am as busy as I have ever been and with work that is new and interesting. And I have done what I thought impossible: met a pretty great woman via  I swear to god (lower case g on purpose: not a typo), I never thought I would meet someone I wanted to spend more time that a coffee date with, but so far it’s pretty great and I am smitten. And I thought that wasn’t going to happen again.

In any case, I have my reasons for not hanging out with you, my 3 or 4 loyal readers. And they’re pretty good.

Okay so, I actually have some things to write about: a good salad dressing recipe, my joyous experience with Obamacare (I really wish we could have gotten Medicare for all. Shit.), rotisserie chicken, a review of Growler’s Arms (a great resto owned by a couple I know through dog walking) and other things.  I have a list around here somewhere.

Stay tuned, send messages, keep warm and dry. And all you Brazilians who come to our blog, say hello for god’s sake.

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