Mistura – Follow Up

I just posted a new addition to the Rotisserie Chicken Showdown about Mistura, the Peruvian Rotisserie on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland.  I went there a couple weeks ago with my friend, Mark Fisher, and . . . WOWWIE! The rotisserie chicken in AWESOME!!!  So much flavor. The chicken is vibrant with flavor. Exactly the kind of thing I love, and I couldn’t tell what the rub is made of from just one meal.  I was enjoying it way too much. I guess I will just have to return, over and over.

Anyway, I had half an orgasmic chicken, with plantains and rice: what a great meal. Mark had Lomo Saltado (stir-fried top sirloin strips with tomatoes, onions and soy sauce served with steamed rice and French fries).  He offered, but I was too obsessed with my chicken to try a bite. For appetizers, we had yucca fries and ceviche. All great.  The fries in particular. They tasted like they were prepared in the Belgian style: double fried, crispy outside, soft and airy inside.

And to make it all amazing, the place was not too dark and the music was not loud, so I could hear everything that Mark was saying the whole time we were there.  I don’t hear very well, so that is a very big deal. I usually have to smile and nod in most restaurants, because they are so loud and I can’t hear doodlie. And the staff is really friendly at Mistura.

Anyway, go for the AMAZING chicken and stay for everything else. Just do it already.

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