Mike C.

Okay, so, another dear friend has died. That is two in nine months. Mike was another guy I had known for over thirty years. He was a quiet, humble guy who had a love of history and who made fine things out of wood, handmade hardwood bowls and sculptures and some things I still don’t know what they are.

In my last lifetime, when I was an electrician, we worked together doing construction, during the Reagan administration, for an outfit called New Age Construction. Mike introduced me to politics and Beethoven and I came to feel as comfortable around him as I do around anyone: the kind of comfortable where you know you can do something stupid and it doesn’t change anything.

Anyway, his lungs had been betraying him for a very long time and I am sure he was quite tired of the whole physical ailment thing. I did not see him at the end, but, as I understand it, he went out on his own terms and comfortable. And you have to admire that, you know?

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